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What does It Cost?

Orchard Stud Horse Transport provides a private service to each Client and the box is for the sole use of their ponies or horses. Its like hiring a taxi, you wouldn't expect the Taxi driver to pick up another fare along the way and neither do we. 

All  transporters charge for the entire journey. that means the round trip not just from the collection to delivery address, unless your horse is collected on the way or on the way back. However, it is unlikely that there is a queue of horse waiting where you have just dropped off a horse. 

What ever size box is used, rising diesels costs are an important factor and whether its a 3.5t box or a large 6 horse box, these vehicles only do between 12 and 25 miles to the gallon at best. 


To be properly insured to cover both the box and the value of the horses being carried is forever increasing year upon year. 

The driver costs have to be accounted for and all this makes transporting your horse more expensive, Occasionally some people who enquiry about a price  are just unrealistic in their expectations but hopefully you will see that their is far more involved in pricing than towing a trailer on  the back of a vehicle.

We offer great value for money and are confident that are prices are competitive and fair  for the services we offer.

The examples below are guides to give you an idea of the costs involved. Please call us or use the  " Get a Quote". 

Do you do Shows ?

We can not take your horse or pony to a show as we have a minimum cost of £75.00. We do not undertake journeys less than 50 miles.

Example 1

Journey From Bristol to B & W Equine Hospital  - £75.00 each way if done  on separate days - £75.00 + £20.00 per hour  waiting time  if collected same day. 

Example 2

Collected From Bristol  and delivered to  Truro  - £260.00 - Journey  Time for Transporter to  return to base - 6 hours 

Example 3

Collect from  Hampshire  - Return to Bristol Area  - £200.0o  - Journey time for Transporter to collect and return to base - 5 Hours

Example 4

Collect from Perth and delivered to Bristol -  £600  plus £50.00 overnight allowance - Journey time for transporter to return to base - 15 hours 

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